A nib stabs words on a paper

only to find blood

But the poet was already buried

Love entombed forever....

Each poppy has a story

Who will remember those who fell

In the blank paper landscape

Now singing as poppies?



Being Somebody

In the end it only proves

You were noticed, named

Only when you left home    

 (A short poem from Swimming with Whales)

-Yogesh Patel

There is no plaque erected for the Thames whale, the lost immigrant. Philip Hoare wrote a lovely piece in the Guardian about it. I too endorse the view.  

The following lines are from poet’s Swimming with Whales


  an old man said:

  in the good old days

  there were birds



  chanting sweet songs


  the children

  accustomed to warplanes

  stared at him

  with eyes wide, disbelieving

  then exploded:

  rogue! he is a liar!  

   Read on BBC Radio London

   From the Poet’s collection Bottled Ganges

-Yogesh Patel


Yogesh Patel